Our navigation courses cater for people of all abilities. On every course we take the skills you already have and then build on them, developing existing skills and introducing new techniques as we go.


Intro to Navigation

This one day course is ideal for anyone who wants to understand the essential concepts and techniques involved in navigating in the UK. Coaching and practice through the day allows for a steady development of your skills, leaving you confident in the basics of navigating.


Navigation Improver

The first day follows the same format as our Intro to Navigation Skills course, establishing confidence and allowing practise of the basic techniques. The second day builds on these essential navigational techniques and strategies, furthering your practice so you master the basics and develop your skills in more challenging terrain.


Navigation Advanced

This two day course is designed for those with a good grasp of the basic navigational techniques who now want to learn more. Complex techniques and strategies are broken down and explained in context,  giving you confidence in your ability in even the most challenging conditions.